Monday, December 6, 2010

Black & Tan I

Today's pattern comes from Psych - particularly the episode "Black & Tan".  It's the scarf Sean wears while walking down the street with the fashion models.  It's quite simple and fairly quick to make!

Using light grey worsted-weight yarn and a size H/8 crochet hook,
Foundation chain: Ch 10
Row 1: DC in 3rd ch st, DC across, ch2, turn
Row 2: DC across, ch2, turn.
Repeat row 2 until piece measures 8 feet. 
Cut 16 12" pieces of yarn
attach as tassels (one to each stitch) to each end of the scarf

That's it!  A perfect addition to any Psych fan's wardrobe!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 months

Yes, I know you're used to geek craft posts on Thursdays, but Ganon has just turned 6 months old, and I must commemorate the occasion.  He's been such a good eater lately - he gets so excited when I put him in his high chair!  So far, he loves all his green vegetables, all the orange and yellow ones he's been given as well, but he absolutely hates mashed potatoes.  He was cranky for nearly an hour after we tried to feed him some.  The funny part is that when I was little, I wouldn't eat anything that wasn't mixed into mashed potatoes! 

He's over 2 feet tall and nearly 18 pounds now - a far cry from his tiny beginnings, and only a couple of inches shy of the maximum height for his car seat.  I've been looking at intermediate seats, and I'm leaing toward a Britax one.  That brand seems to have the highest rear-facing maximum weight, and are able to stay rear-facing for the full height of the seat. 

Teeth!  Oh, teeth are the bane of my existance!  Not only did one of my wisdom teeth come in a couple of months ago, but poor Ganon has been getting his first.  He broke out in a mild fever (99-100 degrees) for nearly a day, and the next morning, he had tiny spikes poking out of the top of his gums, just left of center!  His first tooth! 

He has also begun talking and babbling a lot more.  He loves to say "Hi!" on the phone, "hey" when he wants your attention, and "yeah" to agree with things.  He's really quite amazing!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Elder Wand

I'm a geek.  I dressed up to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1).  I brought along my trusty verson of the Elder Wand (one of the three Deathly Hallows themselves!)  Here's how I made it, so you can have your own as well!

Begin with a 14" dowel (I used a 1/4" diameter)

Attach a small ball of polymer clay approximately every 2 inches.  Make one end ball slightly smaller, and use the removed clay to enlarge the ball second from the other end.  Use a ball-ended tool to create indentations in each ball to add texture.  Add a glob of clay to one end.  Stand the wand upright to flatten this glob of clay.  Again using the ball-end tool, draw a line downward from where the clay attaches, increasing pressure as you go down to create a decorative texture.  Bake according to the clay's instructions.
I suggest making two small stands and using those to hold the wand sideways to bake.

Sand thoroughly and sand extra on the unadorned end to create a slight taper.  Add a base coat of off-white or cream colored paint.  Add a second coat if needed.

Create a wash of dark brown paint, 2 parts water to one part paint.  Paint the whole wand, allowing the paint to pool in each indentation.  Paint a silver band two balls from the base end to serve as a handle.  Coat the entire wand with a gloss coating. 

There you have it!  Your very own Elder Wand!  14", Elder, with a Thestral Tail Hair core.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Ganon has been sleeping for a nice 6 hour stretch each night - which is great for my rest!  He has started to wake up in pain, though, as his teeth begin to work their way to the surface.  Poor kid. :(  He also likes to nurse about twice as often when the teething pain hits, so I can't get much else done.  Ah well, at least I have the week off of homework!  He's gotten his next round of vaccines as well, and was such a champ again!  This time, I didn't even get his pants back on before he stopped crying!

His little fingernails grow so quickly, I clip them almost every day, and they're still always sharp!  It wouldn't be such an issue if he hadn't started to grab everyone's face...  At least he gives lots of sloppy kisses!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

House Scarves

I hate working with DPNs.  I am endlessly frustrated by the variation in tension where the needles meet.  I prefer to work in the round on short circulars (<3 my Boye Needlemaster).  I do use DPNs for things too small to knit with even a 18" circular.  This is precisely why I have not tested the small and medium sizes of the tube-knit scarf.  While the patterns are listed for Gryffindor scarves, they are just as useful for any other Hogwarts House, with a color substitution. 
Sizes are as follows:
Small: Toddler (3')
Medium: Child (5')
Large: Adult (7')

Pattern written for size L(S, M)

size 10.5 needles
Worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart in Ranch Red (MC) and Gold (CC).)

Tube-Knit trapped bar Gryffindor Scarf:
gauge: 4sts and 5 rows per inch

Using MC, Cast on 60 (20, 40) sts.
Join, being careful not to twist
Knit in the round for 15 (8, 10) rows
*change to CC, knit 3 (2, 2) rows
change to MC, knit 4 (2, 3) rows
change to CC, knit 3 (2, 2) rows
change to MC, knit 25 (15, 20) rows
repeat from * until scarf measures 7 (3, 5) feet
change to MC, knit 15 (8, 10) rows
cut 120 (40, 80) pieces of 4" yarn in MC
Lay edge flat, attach to both sides of scarf in 2-strand bundles to each pair of stitches, sealing the end of the scarf.

Double Knit Gryffindor Scarf:
Using MC, Cast on 60 (20, 40) sts.

Knit a 1x1 rib (K1, P1) across, slipping the first stitch of each row knitwise.
Repeat for 15 (8, 10) rows
*change to CC, work in established pattern for 3 (2, 2) rows
change to MC, work in established pattern for 4 (2, 3) rows

change to CC, work in established pattern for 3 (2, 2) rows

change to MC, work in established pattern for 25 (15, 20) rows

repeat from * until scarf measures 7 (3, 5) feet
change to MC, work in established pattern for 15 (8, 10) rows
cut 120 (40, 80) pieces of 4" yarn in MC
Lay edge flat, attach to both sides of scarf in 2-strand bundles to each pair of stitches, sealing the end of the scarf.

For either pattern, to switch to a first- or second-year scarf (even stripes), ignore the color changes in the pattern, and instead make 4" (2", 3") stripes of each color, beginning and ending with MC.  The tassels should alternate colors, requiring 60 (20, 40) 6" strands in each of MC and CC.

Monday, November 15, 2010


If you haven't noticed, my updating has been a bit irregular lately.  I'm doing my best to keep up and make sure there is a post-dated post for each day I've missed, but between holiday preparations and end-of-semester schoolwork, I've been a bit swamped.

Ganon has been working hard, too!  He has taken to reaching out and grabbing things.  His favorite thing to grab is whatever I'm holding at the moment.  He has started stealing food and shiny objects off the table (or out of your hands!) whenever you take your eyes off him, and loves to grab the little gerber puffs he's been eating.  The only trouble is that he forgets to let go before he pulls his hand out of his mouth...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Jayne Hat

So cute!  So cunning!  So tiny!  A Jayne hat fit for a wee one! 

Size 8 Double Pointed Needles
1/4 skein Red Heart Super Saver yarn in each of 3 colors:

gauge: 1.5 sts per centimeter
Size: 42 - TK cm head circumference

Using Pumpkin,
Cast on 64 stitches, distributed evenly over DPNs
Work 2x2 ribbing (k2, p2, repeat) for 3 rows, or 1cm.
Work stockinette stitch (knit every round) until piece measures 2.5"
Change to Gold
Work stockinette stitch for 2.5"
*K2, K2tog, repeat from * around (48 sts)
*K2tog, K, repeat from * around (32 sts)
K2 tog every round until 8 sts remain
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail.  Pull through all 8 sts and pull tight

Using Carrot,
Count 7 sts from the beginning of the cast-on edge.
Pick up 17 sts
Row 1: Sl1, knit across
Row 2: Sl1p, purl across
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until earflap measures 2"
Row 3: K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, K2tog
Row 4: purl across
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until 3 sts remain, K3tog, tie off, leaving 5" tail

Count 7 sts in the other direction, pick up 17 more sts
Repeat instructions for second earflap

Cut 2 10" pieces of Carrot yarn. Fold in half and pull the looped end partly through the tips of each earflap, then pull the cut ends through the loop and pull tight.  3 strands should hang from each ear flap.

Using all 3 colors, make a 2" pom-pon and attach to the top of the hat

Voila!  Cunning, don't ya think?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Ganon?

Why did I name my son Ganon?  No, it wasn't a drug-induced whim in the hospital, it was a carefully thought out process that I had planned even before my pregnancy.  I began playing The Legend of Zelda on the NES when I was a toddler.  Playing Nintendo with my grandmother is one of my earliest, and happiest, memories.  I can proudly say that I have owned every Nintendo console (and handheld) and played every Zelda game since.  Zelda has been a constant in my life.  It was there, no matter what else changed.  At each major transition point in my life, a new Zelda game was released.  Coincidence, I know, but it still helped strengthen the emotional bond I formed with this childhood 'friend'.  It feels strange to speak in such a way about a video game, but it's true, Zelda has gotten me through all the tough times. 

So I knew that I wanted to name my children after The Legend of Zelda.  But why Ganon?  Well, the three recurring characters are Link, Zelda, and Ganon.  Link is the legendary hero, the chosen one, the knight.  He steps up to every challenge, defeats every foe, and emerges unscathed.  Zelda is the princess.  She is ever vigilant, ever patient, and kicks some ass when needed (Sheik, anyone?).  But Ganon... Ganon is the king.  He is ambitious, persistent, cunning.  Though he is never the victor, he is never truly defeated.  No matter where the game takes you... when you reach the end, there he is.  Ganon.  Always Ganon.  He even has a TV Trope saying as much.  Aside from all that... I think we all know that Ganon is the most badass.

I have always known I wanted 3 children - two boys and a girl (along with every little girl's dream of twins).  So I also knew that I wanted to use all 3 major character names from Zelda.  There's always the fact that Ganon is the oldest of the 3, and that he is separate from the other two.  (Part of me is still holding out for that dream of twins!)  The Triforce of Power (Ganon's piece) is also the top of the completed Triforce.  So there it was, obvious in my mind: My eldest son would be named Ganon.

My choice was reaffirmed when he arrived, with an olive complexion, a full head of red hair, gold flecks in his eyes (once they lightened from the black they were at birth), and a hairline that nearly reached his eyebrows.  Any doubts were irradicated and I was only left to hope that he would grow to love his name as much as I do. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I thought it would be prudent to make a list of abbreviations I use in my patterns here.  I use pretty standard abbreviations, and an experienced knitter/crocheter should be able to figure out the rest...  I do try to explain any abbreviations I use within the pattern, but sometimes I forget.  I will also try to update this list as I use more abbreviations.

Knitting abbreviations:
K: Knit
P: Purl
K2tog or P2tog: Knit or purl two stitches together
Sl: slip stitch
Slp: slip purlwise
AxB ribbing: Work "A" Knit stitches, then "B" Purl stitches, and repeat

Crochet abbreviations:
Ch: Chain stitch
Sl st: slip stitch
SC: Single Crochet
HDC: Half Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
TC: Treble Crochet
inc: Increase (work two stitches in the next stitch)
SC2tog: Single Crochet 2 together
dec: invisible decrease

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five Months

Such a roller coaster it is, having a baby.

Ganon's new favorite activity is to stand on my lap, with me holding both of his hands, and jump and bounce.  He will do this, laughing, for nearly half an hour at a time.  His little legs are getting so muscular, it's rather shocking!  He has also been reaching out and grabbing things on his own.  The most common target: my mouth.  He will lay in my arms, one hand firmly clenched around my lower lip and teeth, while I talk to him (or to visitors or on the phone).  From what I've read, he's using his hands to help figure out how to speak.  I guess if it's beneficial, I'll just put up with it!  Speaking of teeth, Ganon's first have yet to show.  Some days, the little (painful) bulges on his gums seem ready to sprout a tooth, then the swelling will recede for a few days to a week.  It's very frustrating for the both of us.

He's been eating more foods now - a full variety of cereals and vegetables!  He likes the baby cereals, but isn't terribly thrilled with them.  Foods with more flavor, however, are a real treat!  He has loved everything we have given him so far.  (Green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots)  The only problem is that he sometimes gets so excited about eating that he sends himself into a fit of the giggles!  Have you ever tried to eat with the giggles?  I can't.  Neither can Ganon.  So I have struggled to find that perfect balance between fun and too much fun.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this month is Ganon expressing his opinions on things (his face is so expressive!)  His favorite animals are lions, pandas, and birds.  His favorite shapes: circles and stars.  And of course, all children have favorite colors.  Ganon's are red and blue.

Those are the newest things this month, hopefully I'll have some tooth news next update!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

House Unity Blanket

Hello, folks!  In preparation for Part I of the Deathly Hallows movie(s), I decided to make a house unity blanket!  If you don't know, that just means that instead of choosing one Hogwarts school house, you use all four main colors.  This is a fairly quick knit on large needles, and can easily be completed in a weekend.  I used 15mm needles and two strands of worsted weight yarn held together.  (As per usual, I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn)  For colors, I used "Black" as my main color, "Bright Yellow" for Hufflepuff, "Paddy Green" for Slytherin, "Ranch Red" for Gryffindor, and "Blue" for Ravenclaw.  This is a very simple pattern.  Finished piece measures approximately 4'x4'

The basic blanket is worked as follows:
Use wither a super bulky yarn, or two strands of worsted weight held together.
With black, cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: K1, YO, Knit to end of row.
Repeat Row 1 84 times. (87 sts)  (This is 4 rows past the second red stripe)
Row 2: K2tog, YO, Knit to last 2 sts, K2tog
Repeat Row 3 until 3 sts remain, bind off

At the same time, work the following color pattern:
8 rows black
2 rows yellow
8 rows black
2 rows green
8 rows black
2 rows blue
8 rows black
2 rows red

If you'd rather have a pattern matching the Prisoner of Azkaban style scarves, work the following color pattern:
10 rows MC
2 rows CC
2 rows MC
2 rows CC

For Gryffindor, use Ranch Red and Gold,
For Slytherin, use Paddy Green and Light Gray,
For Ravenclaw, use Blue and Light Gray or Warm Brown,
For Hufflepuff, use Bright Yellow and Black.

Make 4 tassels, one in each color (or all MC for single-house blankets) and attach to the corners.

I make tassels by wrapping the double-stranded yarn around a DVD case about 25 times, tying across one end, and cutting the other end, then tying around the whole bundle about 1.5" from the tied end.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scaring myself.

I've been reading blogs.  Blogs that scare me.  Blogs about severely disabled children and blogs about grieving lost children.  Why do I scare myself like this? 

I think it's because I like to be prepared.  I have always found myself imagining the worst possible outcomes of any situation, preparing for that outcome, and being pleasantly surprised when things turned out better than I had expected.  The downside, of course, is all the additional stress I put on myself.  But I really don't know any other way to handle my fears - this is how I've always done things.

How would I react if something terrible happened to Ganon?  I don't know, but at least now I know that it wouldn't be the end of everything.  Somehow, these brave parents have coped, and that means I could, too.  That's what lets me sleep at night - the knowledge that no matter how bad things get, I will always find some way to pull through.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doctor Who Scarf

I'm making a Doctor Who scarf as a holiday gift this year, based on the pattern here.  Using the guideline for the number of rows in each color... I went off on my own.  As I am allergic to wool (a terrible fate for a knitter/crocheter, it's true!) I had to find acrylic alternative yarns.  I thought I would share them with you today.  All of the yarns I am using are Red Heart Super Saver colors. 
Red:  cherry red
Brown:  warm brown
Beige:  buff or linen (from what I have seen, these colors are very close in person, the linen being slightly more grey)
Grey:  grey heather
Purple:  dark orchid
Green:  cafe (a slightly greenish brown. It was the closest match I could find - the original is a bit greener.)
Yellow:  gold

I used the photos of the actual scarf (also available on the previously linked site) and matched the colors as closely as I could.

Since this yarn is all worsted weight (as opposed to sport), I also moved up to a (US) size 8 knitting needle from the recommended size 5.  I get about 4 stitches to an inch with this yarn on this needle.  The original scarf is a mix of 11" and 9" widths, so I split the difference and cast on 40 stitches.  This scarf is still in the works, so I don't have a final length measurement or yarn amounts yet, but it will be spectacularly long, I'm sure. 

I'm also considering making one 6" wide for myself, with 2/3 long stripes, as well.  Thoughts?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Public Decency

A while ago, I went on a road trip with my family to the Mall of America.  Out of convenience, I did not bring any bottles, frozen milk, or even my breast pump.  I would be with my son, and could nurse him myself - I didn't need the extra bulk or worry of forgetting something.  I did put my Triforce nursing cover in the diaper bag, however, since I didn't know the ins and outs of Minnesota law regarding breastfeeding.  Using the cover, I nursed him in the mall several times throughout the weekend.  He's a terribly patient child, crying his distinctive 'hungry cry' while in the stroller, then quieting when I picked him up and staying quiet until I could find a place to sit and get him in position. 

If you don't know, there is a Nickelodeon theme park in the middle of the mall.  I did use the nursing cover, but it was still quite obvious what I was doing, and to be honest, it doesn't hide much.  When I nursed Ganon in the theme park area, the only looks I got were from curious children.  It seemed that my fellow parents just understood.  But when I was nursing him in the clothing wing of the mall, the dirty looks abounded.  Only one look was from someone who had a child with them, the rest were from lone women or groups of women. 

Shortly before we were leaving the mall, I was quite warm from all the walking, and Ganon kept pulling the nursing cover aside (he was overly warm as well).  With a shrug, I pulled it off entirely and put it back in the diaper bag.  I was on a bench in the hallway, and my mother had a comically shocked look on her face when she walked out of the store and saw me there, nursing uncovered!  I very nearly laughed out loud - but it would have startled the baby.

Now, if you think about it, a baby nursing doesn't show much breast.  My shirt covers the top part of my breast, my bra covers the bottom and outer side, and the nipple is in the baby's mouth.  His head covers even more, but you could conceivably look around it from certain angles.  The only thing even possibly visible is my cleavage, which my mother, once upon a time, encouraged me to show more of.  (Ooh, dangling participle!  There will be more of these.)

What people don't seem to think about is that breastfeeding is what breasts were made for!  Breasts are not 'dirty' or 'indecent'.  All mammals have them, and their sole purpose is to nourish the young.  While large breasts do attract mates, that is hardwired because of the reproductive implication that a large-breasted woman would be better able to feed offspring.  (Not true, just as it's not true that a wide-hipped woman is better at bearing children, but it still causes a physical pleasure response.)  So whip out those ta-tas and feed your tots! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Power Star!

Ganon loves star shapes.  They might be his favorite, perhaps tied with circles.  He just gets such a kick out of 'em!  Being a geek myself, I know that stars imbue the consumer with the power of invincibility... and have small black eyes just above the center.  That's just the way things are.  So of course, I wanted to make a star toy that Ganon could play with from an early age.  I searched online, but I just couldn't find a pattern I was happy with (all of them had far too many seams to sew and ends to weave in!)  So I made my own.  This is the Seamless Stuffed Super Star pattern - there are no seams at all, and  only 5 ends to weave in (and I just pulled them inside the stuffie instead of any real weaving.  I'll warn you now, though, this pattern isn't very refined - I have a hard time explaining some of the stitches and rounds in any other way, and forego round numbering entirely.  Feedback and suggestions on how to improve this pattern are always welcome!

The final piece measures approximately 6" across with worsted weight yarn and a US size "F" crochet hook.
magic loop 10 stitches.
Side 1:
SC twice in each ST - 20 sts
SC, *SC twice in next ST, SC 3, repeat from * 4 times - 25 sts
*SC 4, SC twice in next ST, repeat from * around - 30 sts
*SC 5, SC twice in next ST, repeat from * around - 35 sts
leave 5yd tail, break yarn

Make another, but don't break off the yarn.
First point:
*SC 7 (last sc should be in the space between the two SC in a single stitch)
CH 3
SC in the space between two SC in one ST on side 1, SC across the side to next two SC in one ST.
CH 3
SC in the space between two SC on side 2 to join.
SC 4, dec, SC 3, dec, SC 4, dec, SC 3, dec
SC 17, PM

DEC, SC 3, DEC, SC 2, DEC, SC 3, DEC, SC 2, MM
SC 14, MM
SC 10, MM
DEC, DEC, DEC, break off yarn leaving 6” tail
thread tail through front loop of all sts, tie off, thread tail back inside point, remove needle.
Repeat from * with 5yd tail on side 1 to form second point

SC 8 across one side (from one 2SC space to another), CH 3 (if no STs present, otherwise SC 3 through remaining loop), SC 8 across other side, CH 3 (if no STs present, otherwise SC 3 through remaining loop)
SC to join, be sure not to twist
SC 5, dec, SC 3 through back loop, dec, SC 4, dec, SC 3 through back loop, dec
SC 17, PM
DEC, SC 3, DEC, SC 2, DEC, SC 3, DEC, SC 2, MM
SC 14, MM
SC 10, MM
DEC, DEC, DEC, break off yarn leaving 6” tail
thread tail through front loop of all sts, tie off, thread tail back inside point, remove needle.

Make 4 points (total), stuff
after round 8 (RM) of final point, stuff that point extra firm
after final point is tied off, massage point until stuffing fills it evenly
Using black yarn, embroider oval shaped eyes to one side, the tops of the eyes should be even with the straight edge connecting the upper left and upper right points, and the bottoms of the eyes should be level with the center of the star.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Pardon me if I repeat myself, I expect it will happen often.  For the most part, I can't stand to re-read what I have already posted, and as the same feelings and thoughts pop up, I will repeatedly post about the same things.

When Ganon was born, he wasn't breathing.  It took a bit, but then he took some very shallow breaths and gave the weakest, most feeble cries I have ever heard.  They broke my heart they were so pathetic.  It took almost ten minutes before he gave a real cry and they called his time of birth.  He was still blue, but I told myself he wasn't any more purple than the newborns I had seen in informational videos.  I couldn't hold him.  He had to be rushed to the nursery - the hospital here doesn't have a NICU.  My family was waiting in the glass room between surgery/ICU and the nursery, three generations pacing and waiting for news.  They watched the nurses literally run past with a tiny blue baby and they follow as fast as they can.  They hovered around the nursery door and watched them start inserting tubes and attaching wires.  As the pediatrician stepped out, my mother asked "Will he be okay?".

"I don't know."

I know I did everything right.  I never smoked.  I rarely had caffeine.  During my pregnancy, I cut out preservatives, lunch meats, high fructose corn syrup, and junk food.  I took my vitamins.  I had a total of 19 cans of soda during my entire pregnancy - the only caffeine I had.  I ate healthy, I rested, I played Mozart through headphones around my belly.  I still wonder if there is something else I could have done.  Should I have slept on my right side instead of my left?  Should I have exercised more?  Less?  What did I do to cause this?

I know this guilt is misplaced, that there is nothing I could have done better and if I hadn't done everything I did, he likely wouldn't have made it at all.  "It would have been a tragedy." as the OB put it. 

He still has coughing fits sometimes while he's eating.  Every time, my heart drops and my mind races.  Will he start breathing again?  Will the coughs turn to silence?  Is he getting enough air?  Do I have enough space to start CPR if he stops breathing?  Will the guilt ever subside?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've been enjoying writing amigurumi patterns lately.  Without further ado, here's the first pattern that I've successfully written:


small amounts of the following colors of Red Heart Super Saver yarn:
dark orchid (MC)
buff (SC)
country blue (CC)
Caron Super Soft off-white
metallic gold crochet or embroidery thread
size F crochet hook
small amount of poly-fill
yarn needle

NOTE: This pattern is worked in a spiral; do not join rounds

Abbreviations used:
sc – single crochet st - stitch
dec – decrease inc - increase

Body (make one):
Round 1: using SC, magic loop 8 stitches
Round 2: sc twice in each st (16 sts)
Round 3: *sc, sc twice in next st, repeat from * to end of round (24)
Round 4: *sc, sc, sc twice in next st, repeat from * to end of round (32)
Rounds 5-12: sc around
Round 13: *sc 6, dec, repeat from * to end of round (28)
Round 14: using MC, sc around
Round 15: sc through back loop only to end of round
Round 16: sc around
Round 17: *dec, sc 5, repeat from * to end of round (24)
Round 18, 19: sc around
Round 20: *sc 4, dec, repeat from * to end of round (20)
Round 21: sc around
Round 22: *dec, sc 3, repeat from * to end of round (16)
Tip: Stuffing before the last decrease round make it easier to stuff!
Round 23: dec around (8)

Robe Bottom:
Round 1: using MC, sc in front loops of Round 15 of body (28)
Round 2: *sc 6, inc, repeat from * to end of round (32)
Rounds 3, 4: sc around
Round 5: *sc 7, inc, repeat from * to end of round (36)
Rounds 6, 7: sc around
Round 8: *sc 8, inc, repeat from * to end of round (40)
Tie off.

Arms (make two):
Round 1: using SC, magic loop 6 stitches
Round 2: sc twice in each st (12)
Rounds 3-5: sc around
Round 6: *dec, sc 4, repeat from * (10)
Round 7: using MC, sc around
Round 8: sc through back loops only to end of round
Round 9: dec, sc 3, dec, sc 3 (8)
Rounds 10, 11: sc around
Round 12: dec, sc 2, dec, sc 2 (6)
Round 13: sc around, tie off

Round 1: using MC, sc around front loops of Round 8 of arm (10)
Round 2: sc, *inc, sc 2, repeat from * to end of round (13)
Round 3: sc around
Round 4: sc, inc, sc 3, inc, sc 3, inc, sc 2 (16)
Round 5: sc around, tie off

Round 1: using SC, magic loop 6 sts
Round 2: sc twice in ea st (12)
Round 3: *sc, inc, repeat from * to end of round (18)
Round 4: *sc, sc, inc, repeat from * to end of round (24)
Round 5: *sc, sc, sc, inc, repeat from * to end of round (30)
Rounds 6-11: sc around
Round 12: *sc, sc, sc, dec, repeat from * to end of round (24)
Round 13: *sc, sc, dec, repeat from * to end of round (18)
Round 14: *sc, dec, repeat from * to end of round (12)
Round 15: dec around (16)
Tie off
Thread yarn tail through all stitches and tie off, draw tail inside head and trim.

Pick up 25 sts in a circle around top of head
Sc around twice
Working through back loops only, *sc, sc, sc, dec, repeat from * to end of round
Working both loops, *sc, sc, dec, repeat from * to end of round
Working both loops, *sc, dec, repeat from * to end of round
dec around last round, tie off
Thread yarn tail through all stitches and tie off, draw tail inside hat and trim.

Flatten top edge of arms and attach to each side of the body
Stitch head to top of body, forming neck
Using CC, sl st or embroider a decorative edge around base of hat, tie a small tassel to center of hat, trim to 1-1/4” in length. Tie around waist, leaving uneven ends. In loose ends, tie a knot approximately 3/4” from trimmed ends and fray.  Embroider eyes.
Using Off-White yarn, attach approximately 70 8” strands (folded in half) to the head to form moustache and beard, and a double line along hair line and hat brim.  Once attached, use a blunt needle to unravel each strand of yarn.  Trim hair and beard evenly, and moustache to approximately 1/2”  Embroider eyebrows.  Embroider a small stitch in each eye as a catch-light.
Using gold thread, tie beard approximately halfway down.  Embroider half-moon glasses under eyes.

Also available as a pdf HERE.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby's first meal

Over the past few weeks, Ganon has been sitting up more and started showing interest in what everyone else is eating.  Today, he grabbed the bag of chips my mom was snacking on.  Remembering that Ganon's nutritionist had noted these milestones as signs he was ready to start on baby cereal, I ran to the store to pick up a variety.  Oats, barley, rice, and brown rice were the available options for the "supported sitter" stage - since Ganon is still wobbly when he sits completely on his own.  Brown rice is the most flavorful of the four (in my opinion, at least) so I figured that if he liked that, he'll like the rest just fine.  I've also been eating brown rice myself, and Ganon has likely tasted some of that in my breastmilk.  So brown rice was first on the list to try.

A little while before his next feeding, I defrosted some frozen breastmilk and mixed up the cereal using the "Baby's First Meal" instructions.  It seemed a bit... liquidy, so I sprinkled in a tiny bit of extra cereal flakes.  It was still almost completely liquid, but I trusted the judgement of the manufacturer.  I set Ganon up in his Bumbo (a supportive seat, kind of like a short, soft bucket with leg holes - ours has a tray in front, as well) and fastened on a fresh bib.  Ganon stared, drooling, as I put the bowl on the tray and scooped a bit with a soft spoon.  He smiled as I moved it toward his face, and I slipped the spoon into his open mouth.  His eyes went wide and he swallowed, his tongue moving this way and that.  His smile stretched from ear to ear and he leaned forward, opeing and closing his mouth, looking for more.  I scooped as fast as I could, though I'm sure more ended up on his bib than in his mouth.  In the end, he began to cry, moving his head as if to try and find my breast, and we stopped so he could have a 'proper' meal.

All in all, quite a success.  I'm glad he liked it, and with no signs of allergies, we'll be able to move on to another flavor.  So exciting!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Breasts and babies.


The big taboo over the most natural thing in the world.

I don't have a problem breastfeeding in front of others. Yes, it's a private time between Ganon and myself, but the mere presence of others doesn't lessen that. I put him in position, pull my shirt up and my bra down, and my nipple is in his mouth. (Not that it was always that easy - but that's another post.) My brother and stepdad got used to it within a month. It's not like I'm just dangling my boobs out there for all to see - I cover up and angle as best I can without making things unnecessarily difficult for either Ganon or me. My grandfather (once it was explained to him that regardless of what he had been told, breastfeeding was better than formula) has never expressed any discomfort at the idea, nor when I managed to nurse in the same room as him. I have never known this man to hold his tongue. Though he would rather make a joke than say something that might be taken as insulting, he gets is point across. My mother and grandmother, however, seem to think that nursing in front of a man - especially a family member - was highly scandalous.

The first time I nursed Ganon while visiting my grandparents, my mom got up, got a blanket out of the diaper bag, and threw it over the baby while I was nursing him. Now, it was a very warm summer day, and my grandparents don't have air conditioning. There was no need for the blanket other than to 'hide my shame'. As my mother so delicately put it: "Your grandfather doesn't want to see that." [emphasis hers] More recently, my grandmother was holding Ganon when he got hungry. I stood up, took him into my arms, and went to sit back down on the couch. As I turned around to sit, my grandmother gave me a very no-nonsense look, and said, "You can go in the other room to do that." Rather than cause a scene, I pursed my lips and sequestered myself in her bedroom.

Slightly grumpy, I sat down on the bed and began to nurse Ganon when, to my pleasant surprise, my grandfather came in the room. He turned on the TV and fetched the remote for me. I couldn't help but smile, feeling both grateful and righteous. Not only was I made more comfortable and relieved of my guilt, but I was right in that my grandfather wasn't offended by my nursing. Not that that changed my mother's or grandmother's views, but I'm no longer insulted by their ignorance.

Monday, September 27, 2010

First tooth

Ganon's first tooth is starting to make itself known.  Occasionally, the poor boy will just start crying, then try to gnaw on my knuckles.  A bit of acetominaphen eases the pain, but I know it will get worse before it gets better (when the tooth finally ruptures).  The reason I make note of this pre-tooth teething is that I am going through the same trouble.  That's right, my son and I are teething at the same time.  One of my wisdom teeth is currently forcing itself through the flesh of my gums, letting me experience first hand the type of pain that is just around the corner for my son.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


When I first became pregnant, I noticed that I became very ill whenever I ate or drank something containing high fructose corn syrup.  Having a glass of soda resulted in the equivalent of 24 hours of food poisoning. 

The thing you might not realize, however, is just how many foodstuffs contain HFCS.  Good ol' Wonderbread, for example.  Most shelved baked goods, in fact, including hamburger buns and cookies.  Though thankfully things from a bakery are usually HFCS-free.  Soda, of course, has it, and popcicles.  Many cereals, and the list goes on...  I've gotten into the habit of checking every label, regardless of the product, since several unexpected 'surprises'.  It's not a corn allergy, as I can eat an old fashioned corn on the cob without trouble, and even regular corn syrup doesn't bother me.  I guess the slight differences from the processing make it unrecognizable as food by my body.

Since this was a new 'allergy' (Having not been tested for an actual allergy, it may be some sort of intolerance, but the result is no less miserable) beginning during pregnancy, I did a bit of research and found about half of the anecdotal cases to be rid of a new allergy after they gave birth, though almost all noted the allergy in the children they carried.  After my 6-week followup appointment after Ganon was born, I decided to test things out.  I had a couple of Chips-Ahoy cookies, which had the HFCS further down the ingredient list (so possibly less HFCS than other products).  Happily, I didn't become ill at all, and felt only the slightest twinge of nausea. 

A couple of hours later, however, I discovered a real problem.  After breastfeeding and giving a nice big burp, Ganon was whining and squealing in pain.  At first I thought it was just more gas, or maybe he was tired and needed a nap...  But the next day, with more experimenting - half a can of soda this time - I ended up ill, and Ganon's post-nursing screams intensified.  Major facepalm.  Whatever it was that made me ill (abdominal cramping included) was somehow being passed to Ganon through my milk.  I felt just awful!  I had caused him such pain because I wanted to have some junk food.  Not that I could have known he would be affected, but I was still wracked with guilt.  I guess growing up Catholic gave me an overdeveloped sense of guilt!  Now that I know, I am doubly careful to keep HFCS out of my diet, and since Ganon begins eating baby food soon, I will need to be just as careful with his foods.

Now, I think ahead a few years to when Ganon visits friends' houses, or snacktime at daycare, or even well-meaning grandparents sneak him some sweets.  As he gets larger (and therefore has more body mass), will the effects lessen?  Will he, like me, be able to eat a small treat with little trouble, or will he be miserably in pain from the smallest cookie?  Will other parents and caregivers realize how prevalent HFCS is?  That something as innocuous as a hamburger (depending on the bun) could cause such problems in my little boy?  With HFCS being rebranded as "Corn Sugar", will it become more difficult to spot in products - and will there be a difference in labelling between HFCS and regular corn syrup?

This is going to be difficult.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Old Spice

I miss the Old Spice commercials featuring the Man Your Man Could Smell Like.  They were hilarious, and I particularly enjoyed the personalized You Tube responses.  Apparently I wasn't the only one, and a craft swap was organized around these commercials, and I, of course, decided to participate.  After re-watching the entire Old Spice playlist, I was inspired!

First up, I created two tickets to That Thing You Love. 

The PDF is available here:

Print a couple onto cardstock, cut them out, and be the man her man could smell like!

I also made a little amigurumi of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, complete with removable towel and 6-pack abs~

Designs copyright Ganon's Mom, feel free to share with credit, do not sell this pattern.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Guess who regularly sleeps for 6 hours at a time!  That's right - Ganon.  My body considers that a full night's sleep, so I am just beaming with pride and well-restedness right now.  He's also not an early bird, so he usually goes back to sleep until around 9am. (Yay me!) 

Granted, he hardly naps anymore, but I'll take what I can get! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scarfie the rainbow-colored Scarf of Sexual Preference

I was recently turned on to A Very Potter Musical, and its sequel, A Very Potter Sequel.  If you're a Harry Potter fan and have a sense of humor, you should check them out.  In addition to the Sorting Hat, this parody musical adds the Scarf of Sexual Preference - a rainbow scarf.  Having wanted a rainbow-colored scarf for some time, needing a scarf for the impending winter weather, and having a propensity for silliness, I made this quick pattern:

Scarfie, the Scarf of Sexual Preference
approx. 1/3 skein of worsted weight yarn in each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
US size 11 circular needle – 32” or as large as you can find.
Size G-6 crochet hook (optional - for alternate cast-on and cast-off)

gauge: 3sts and 6 rows per inch in garter stitch

Instructions given are for adult (child) sizes
Finished scarf is 6 (4) feet in length and 6 (4) inches wide

Cast on 216 (144) stitches using purple yarn.
Knit 6 rows using purple yarn
Repeat for blue, green, yellow, orange, and red yarn.
Bind off loosely.
Attach 6” tassels or fringe to ether end, being sure to keep the color order
Optional methods:
I used a modified crochet cast on for this. I wrapped the yarn around the knitting needle, ch2, and repeated until I had 215 (143) sts on the needle. I then slipped the last loop from the crochet hook onto the needle, completing the cast on.

I used a similar cast-off for this. I slipped the last stitch from the knitting needle onto the crochet hook, ch2, * sc through the next st, slipping it off of the needle, ch1, and repeat from * until one st remained. Then I sl st into the last st before tying off.

To make the scarf look more like the puppet Scarfie from A Very Potter Sequel, embroider or attach a happy black felt face to one end.

I hope you enjoy!
Harry Potter copyright J. K. Rowling, A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter sequel copyright Team Starkid, pattern copyright Ganon's Mom, feel free to share with credit, do not sell this pattern.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


When Ganon went in for his first round of vaccinations, I dreaded every moment. 

I remembered screaming as a child whenever I saw the syringe... I had to have several nurses hold me down for each shot.  I had spent hours upon hours reading various ways to make the whole experience less traumatic for him, and myself as well.  The consensus seemed to be breastfeeding.  Sources varied as to whether nursing before, during, or after the vaccination was best, though. 

I decided to go with my gut, and postponed Ganon's late-morning meal until we had arrived at the vaccination clinic.  He nursed away on breast #1 while I listened to all the required information before the shots could be administered.  When he stopped to burp, we plopped him down on the exam table and the nurse, as quickly as she could, gave him two injections in one leg and one in the other.  He just kind of blinked in surprise as the first syringe pierced his skin, and cried loudly once the nurse pressed the plunger, and continued until the last needle had been removed.  Then his cries turned to fussing, and by the time I had sat back down to finish nursing, he was happy as a clam again!  A few hours later, the muscle soreness set in, so he spent the rest of the day on acetaminophen, but he was fine by morning.  A truly amazing child.

There are times, when I have been bragging about Ganon's greatness, that I fear I will give my childless friends unrealistic expectations for their future children.  But then I remember my overdeveloped sense of schadenfreude and smile.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lon-Lon Milk

I wanted to create some Lon-Lon milk bottle labels for baby Ganon's bottles... so I did.  I couldn't decide if I wanted them to be more like the N64 in-game bottles, or redesigned, or in Hylian or English... so I did all three.  That's the best part about being indecisive; you can have it all!

In-game style:


Extra backs (to wrap around larger bottles):

Here are all the files as PDFs

Zelda and all related concepts and designs are copyright Nintendo, pattern copyright Ganon's Mom, feel free to share with credit, do not sell this pattern.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 Months

Ganon is now three months old.  My how time flies!  He is officially an 'infant' and not a 'newborn'.  I've finally gotten into a nice rhythm of daily activities, timing naps and feedings, and taking the baby out of the house.

It's kind of funny, remembering how frazzled I would get just trying to take Ganon out to visit one of his grand parents' houses.  I would stuff the diaper bag full, certain that the weather would change, several outfits would be spit-up on, and diapers could not last longer than 20 minutes.  I would inevitably return to the bedroom at least three times to fetch forgotten items that simply could not be done without.  I would literally run back and forth through the house with Ganon in my arms, gathering items and triple-checking everything before I put him in his carseat.  Now, it's almost a smooth process - refill diapers and wipes in the bag, otherwise the diaper bag is kept packed (including the ever-essential spare pacifier!).  Bottles are unneccesary (yet another bonus to breastfeeding!), and anything else can be done without. 

I find that as I gain confidence, things come easier, increasing my confidence.  What a nice cycle to be in! :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pattern Testers

As I've been writing more and more patterns lately, I need people to test them.  I want to make sure my patterns are readable and accurate before sharing them (or selling them - when I feel they're up to par).  Not to worry, though, all of my fan designs will remain freely available here.

If you are interested in testing patterns for me, please send an email to raising.ganon[at] with "Pattern Tester" in the subject.  Also tell me if you would like to test patterns for knitting, crochet, or both.


Monday, August 30, 2010


At the end of last week, Ganon had an appointment with the nutritionist.  Honestly, these sorts of appointments are more for me than him, as he eats nothing but breast milk!  More importantly, they weighed and measured him again - 12lb 12oz and 23.5 inches!  Such a far cry from how tiny he was when he was born!  They plugged the numbers into the computer - he is between the 85th and 95th percentile for height (after accounting for his prematurity), and 50th percentile for weight to height as well as head circumference.  Between that and a nice quiz on my own dietary habits, they determined that he is doing quite well and no changes need to be made.

His incredible height does explain why his 3mo size clothes look baggy, but are getting too short, depending on the brand.  I wonder why baby clothes aren't standardized like men's clothing, instead of arbitrary sizing like women's clothes.  Some of Ganon's 3mo size clothes are still a bit large on him, while he has two 6mo size outfits that are too small already!  It's a conundrum trying to determine which clothes need to be brought out of storage (before they're too small). 

As he grows, he also sleeps for longer stretches at night (4-5 hours at a time!)... but this also means he does not want to nap during the day.  He used to sleep for an hour after eating, be awake for half an hour or so, then sleep more until his next feeding.  Now he eats, burps, and wants to play.  An hour later, he is tired and cranky, but not wanting to sleep, so I have to break out the Happiest Baby On the Block skills and get him down.  He sleeps for an hour or two, then wakes up for a bit of play before he gets hungry again.  My mother claims I stopped napping at 3 months old, on the day I started sleeping through the night.  Accounting for 20-some years of fuzzy memory and exaggeration, I don't doubt that Ganon will stop napping all too soon... but I have solid nights to look forward to!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am plagued by nightmares.  I have been since the night my son was born.  They range in theme and terror level, but they all disturb my oh-so-precious sleep.

A recurring theme is that I will awaken in the night to find my baby not breathing.  True SIDS.  I know infant CPR, and I use a co-sleeper bassinet, so I know there is nothing more I could possibly do to prevent or prepare for such an occurrence, but the fear still nags at the back of my mind - even when Ganon is napping.

When I first brought Ganon home, every night I would have a nightmare about his birth.  I would dream that we were just a few hours too late with the C-Section, and he didn't make it.  I would dream that I had given birth the natural way, and had somehow caused his death.  I would dream that for some unknown reason that he had died, and I had gone crazy and stolen someone else's baby.  I would dream that he had somehow been switched at birth, so he wasn't my son, and my son was out there somewhere being raised by someone else.  I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the first couple of weeks, so these nightmares were thankfully short, though no less disturbing.

Then there's the typical "I left the baby _____" dreams that started during pregnancy.  That I left the baby at the store, or in the car, or at home when I left the house.  This one was the least bothersome for me, since Ganon was mere inches from me while I slept.

The worst nightmares, and one of the ones I still have, are centered around a custody battle, where my ex is granted full custody of my son, and my baby is literally ripped from my arms in the courtroom, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I think this is still my biggest fear - losing my son through an unpreventable means.  Is that every mother's fear?  Does it ever go away?

I always kept my baby close.  A little bit out of fear, mostly out of love, but also because his presence comforted me.  Holding him in my arms, especially nursing him, would fill me with such warmth, such pure love that any fears or doubts were instantly washed away and I was left with nothing but serene peace.

After a few weeks, the nightmares dwindled from each time I slept to less than once a week, but they were definitely one of the hardest parts about adjusting to having a new baby, to being responsible for this tiny, fragile life.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sheikah Scarf

As you may have guessed, I have an inordinate love for the Zelda series of video games.  The Legend of Zelda was the second video game I ever played (after Mario Bros.).  I love the pseudo-fantasy storylines, and the classic theme of rescuing a princess.  When I was a small child, I also loved the fact that all of the characters in the manual art had hair in front of their ears - I had the same but didn't know anyone else who did.

At this point, I would normally put a spoiler alert, but if you haven't played through Ocarina of Time yet, you have no right to complain about things being spoiled.

As a teenager, I was impressed and empowered by the "damsel in distress" Zelda dressing as Sheik and helping in the fight against Ganondorf.  My favorite color being blue, I also liked Sheik's costume.  Now, I would never wear a tabard or mask (outside of costumes, of course), but I would wear a scarf!  So I designed the Sheikah Scarf:

This scarf is long enough to be wrapped around the head/face several times, and still fall to the low chest, shown here folded.

Gauge is not important for this project.  The final scarf will measure approximately 8 inches wide.  If you want a wider scarf, cast on additional stitches and work them in the center part of the scarf.

Using size 10 needles and white worsted weight yarn,
Cast on 35 stitches

Row 1: Knit across.
Row 2: Slip one stitch purlwise, then purl to the end of the row.
Row 3: Slip one stitch, then knit to the end of the row.
Row 4: Slip one stitch, then knit to the end of the row.
Row 5: Slip one stitch, knit 1, purl 1, knit to the last 3 stitches, purl 1, knit 2
Row 6: Slip one stitch purlwise, purl 1, knit 1, purl to the last 3 stitches, knit 1, purl 2
Row 7: Sl, K1, P1, K to last 3 sts, P1, K2
Row 8: Sl/P, P1, K1, P to last 3 sts, K1, P2

repeat rows 7 and 8 until scarf measures 6 feet.
repeat row 7.

Row 9: Sl, K across
Row 10: Sl, K across
Row 11: Sl/P, P across
Row 12: Sl, K across
Bind off.

Use duplicate stitch to embroider the following chart to one or both ends of the scarf:
The chart should be centered, and the bottom of the chart should end approximately 2" from the end of the scarf.

Zelda and all related concepts and designs are copyright Nintendo, pattern copyright Ganon's Mom, feel free to share with credit, do not sell this pattern.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes at night, when everyone is asleep, I turn off all the lights, curl up under the bed covers, and I weep.

I weep for the birth I never had.  I weep for my son, who does not yet know his father.  I weep for all the things I wanted him to experience, that I never did without a father around.  I weep for all the things I experienced and he won't, because my father was close enough for occasional visits.  I weep for the life I wanted my son to have.  I weep for the life I wanted for myself.  I weep because part of me still seeks my mother's approval.  I weep for my inadequacies.  I weep for the love I still feel but can never express.  I weep for the heartache that I can never share.

When I am done crying, when I have let out all the pent-up emotions of the previous days or weeks, I pick up my son, my little Ganon.  I hold him in my arms and smile.  He smells faintly of his father, but mostly of that new baby smell (there really is no other way to describe it).  He is warm and he smiles in his sleep when I hold him in my arms. 

I rock him and kiss his forehead.  I smile down at him and sing his favorite lullabies.  My whole world revolves around him.  He is my life, and life is good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weight Gain

When I was pregnant, one of my biggest concerns was weight gain.  At each pre-natal doctor's appointment, I would provide a urine sample and hop on the scale, only to be berated again and again as my weight continued to drop.  I was eating almost nonstop, having gotten over my morning sickness by the third month (but even now, I still love dill pickles dipped in honey...), I was exercising less (as my hips became more and more sore), but I just couldn't seem to gain weight.  Granted, my diet had changed considerably (from mostly junk to no junk at all) and I had put on almost 30 pounds in the months before conception (but that's a story for another day).

For seven months, my heart dropped with the numbers on the scale.  I feared for my baby - was he getting all the nutrients he needed if I was losing weight?  But repeated ultrasounds showed good development and slightly faster than average growth.

Then I hit 7 months and my weight stabilized... and began to slowly climb.  Then it began to climb faster.  Then there were traces of protein in my urine, and I began to retain water...  all warning signs of pre-eclampsia.  Thankfully, my blood pressure was holding steady within the normal range.  All in all, I had a net loss of four pounds.

After the C-Section, my blood pressure was abnormally high (just another sign that my baby was coming that night one way or another!), but it returned to normal before I left the hospital. 

Thankfully, I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight; but I am left to wonder: how long will it last?  It seems the more I exercise, the more weight (and inches) I gain... Is pregnancy the only way my body is able to shed pounds?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Little Things

It really is about the little things...

licking the lid after opening your pudding...

bright red sunsets...

rainbow dawns...

when you walk into a room and your baby smiles at you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Recessive Genes

When my son was born, he had a head full of curly, dark red hair and black eyes.  Over the first week of his life, his eyes quickly lightened to a shade of dusky blue.  Since then, most of his hair has fallen out, only to be replaced by blonde... and his eyes have only lightened further. 

His father and I both have dark brown hair, his eyes are brown, and mine are brown and green. 

Where did the blonde hair and blue eyes come from!?

I don't know much about the father's family, but the only person with blue eyes in my entire family was my mother's paternal grandmother, and the only blonde hair was in my grandmother's tow-headed childhood.  With odds like those, I think this boy will be a lucky one!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two months.

Today, my son turns two months old.

In some ways, it seems like only yesterday that he was born.  At other times, it feels like it's been years.

I have finally come to terms with all that happened that night, and how my little miracle was very nearly a tragedy.  Now, all I can do is look at his darling little face and smile.  He is my beautiful boy, my Ganon.