Monday, August 30, 2010


At the end of last week, Ganon had an appointment with the nutritionist.  Honestly, these sorts of appointments are more for me than him, as he eats nothing but breast milk!  More importantly, they weighed and measured him again - 12lb 12oz and 23.5 inches!  Such a far cry from how tiny he was when he was born!  They plugged the numbers into the computer - he is between the 85th and 95th percentile for height (after accounting for his prematurity), and 50th percentile for weight to height as well as head circumference.  Between that and a nice quiz on my own dietary habits, they determined that he is doing quite well and no changes need to be made.

His incredible height does explain why his 3mo size clothes look baggy, but are getting too short, depending on the brand.  I wonder why baby clothes aren't standardized like men's clothing, instead of arbitrary sizing like women's clothes.  Some of Ganon's 3mo size clothes are still a bit large on him, while he has two 6mo size outfits that are too small already!  It's a conundrum trying to determine which clothes need to be brought out of storage (before they're too small). 

As he grows, he also sleeps for longer stretches at night (4-5 hours at a time!)... but this also means he does not want to nap during the day.  He used to sleep for an hour after eating, be awake for half an hour or so, then sleep more until his next feeding.  Now he eats, burps, and wants to play.  An hour later, he is tired and cranky, but not wanting to sleep, so I have to break out the Happiest Baby On the Block skills and get him down.  He sleeps for an hour or two, then wakes up for a bit of play before he gets hungry again.  My mother claims I stopped napping at 3 months old, on the day I started sleeping through the night.  Accounting for 20-some years of fuzzy memory and exaggeration, I don't doubt that Ganon will stop napping all too soon... but I have solid nights to look forward to!

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