Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby's first meal

Over the past few weeks, Ganon has been sitting up more and started showing interest in what everyone else is eating.  Today, he grabbed the bag of chips my mom was snacking on.  Remembering that Ganon's nutritionist had noted these milestones as signs he was ready to start on baby cereal, I ran to the store to pick up a variety.  Oats, barley, rice, and brown rice were the available options for the "supported sitter" stage - since Ganon is still wobbly when he sits completely on his own.  Brown rice is the most flavorful of the four (in my opinion, at least) so I figured that if he liked that, he'll like the rest just fine.  I've also been eating brown rice myself, and Ganon has likely tasted some of that in my breastmilk.  So brown rice was first on the list to try.

A little while before his next feeding, I defrosted some frozen breastmilk and mixed up the cereal using the "Baby's First Meal" instructions.  It seemed a bit... liquidy, so I sprinkled in a tiny bit of extra cereal flakes.  It was still almost completely liquid, but I trusted the judgement of the manufacturer.  I set Ganon up in his Bumbo (a supportive seat, kind of like a short, soft bucket with leg holes - ours has a tray in front, as well) and fastened on a fresh bib.  Ganon stared, drooling, as I put the bowl on the tray and scooped a bit with a soft spoon.  He smiled as I moved it toward his face, and I slipped the spoon into his open mouth.  His eyes went wide and he swallowed, his tongue moving this way and that.  His smile stretched from ear to ear and he leaned forward, opeing and closing his mouth, looking for more.  I scooped as fast as I could, though I'm sure more ended up on his bib than in his mouth.  In the end, he began to cry, moving his head as if to try and find my breast, and we stopped so he could have a 'proper' meal.

All in all, quite a success.  I'm glad he liked it, and with no signs of allergies, we'll be able to move on to another flavor.  So exciting!

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  1. Hi there,

    I found your blog looking for a pattern for a scarfie scarf for a friend of mine, stayed to have a look and I'm really enjoying reading about you and your son!

    Can't wait to read more :-)