Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 Months

Ganon is now three months old.  My how time flies!  He is officially an 'infant' and not a 'newborn'.  I've finally gotten into a nice rhythm of daily activities, timing naps and feedings, and taking the baby out of the house.

It's kind of funny, remembering how frazzled I would get just trying to take Ganon out to visit one of his grand parents' houses.  I would stuff the diaper bag full, certain that the weather would change, several outfits would be spit-up on, and diapers could not last longer than 20 minutes.  I would inevitably return to the bedroom at least three times to fetch forgotten items that simply could not be done without.  I would literally run back and forth through the house with Ganon in my arms, gathering items and triple-checking everything before I put him in his carseat.  Now, it's almost a smooth process - refill diapers and wipes in the bag, otherwise the diaper bag is kept packed (including the ever-essential spare pacifier!).  Bottles are unneccesary (yet another bonus to breastfeeding!), and anything else can be done without. 

I find that as I gain confidence, things come easier, increasing my confidence.  What a nice cycle to be in! :)

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