Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 months

Yes, I know you're used to geek craft posts on Thursdays, but Ganon has just turned 6 months old, and I must commemorate the occasion.  He's been such a good eater lately - he gets so excited when I put him in his high chair!  So far, he loves all his green vegetables, all the orange and yellow ones he's been given as well, but he absolutely hates mashed potatoes.  He was cranky for nearly an hour after we tried to feed him some.  The funny part is that when I was little, I wouldn't eat anything that wasn't mixed into mashed potatoes! 

He's over 2 feet tall and nearly 18 pounds now - a far cry from his tiny beginnings, and only a couple of inches shy of the maximum height for his car seat.  I've been looking at intermediate seats, and I'm leaing toward a Britax one.  That brand seems to have the highest rear-facing maximum weight, and are able to stay rear-facing for the full height of the seat. 

Teeth!  Oh, teeth are the bane of my existance!  Not only did one of my wisdom teeth come in a couple of months ago, but poor Ganon has been getting his first.  He broke out in a mild fever (99-100 degrees) for nearly a day, and the next morning, he had tiny spikes poking out of the top of his gums, just left of center!  His first tooth! 

He has also begun talking and babbling a lot more.  He loves to say "Hi!" on the phone, "hey" when he wants your attention, and "yeah" to agree with things.  He's really quite amazing!

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