Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five Months

Such a roller coaster it is, having a baby.

Ganon's new favorite activity is to stand on my lap, with me holding both of his hands, and jump and bounce.  He will do this, laughing, for nearly half an hour at a time.  His little legs are getting so muscular, it's rather shocking!  He has also been reaching out and grabbing things on his own.  The most common target: my mouth.  He will lay in my arms, one hand firmly clenched around my lower lip and teeth, while I talk to him (or to visitors or on the phone).  From what I've read, he's using his hands to help figure out how to speak.  I guess if it's beneficial, I'll just put up with it!  Speaking of teeth, Ganon's first have yet to show.  Some days, the little (painful) bulges on his gums seem ready to sprout a tooth, then the swelling will recede for a few days to a week.  It's very frustrating for the both of us.

He's been eating more foods now - a full variety of cereals and vegetables!  He likes the baby cereals, but isn't terribly thrilled with them.  Foods with more flavor, however, are a real treat!  He has loved everything we have given him so far.  (Green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots)  The only problem is that he sometimes gets so excited about eating that he sends himself into a fit of the giggles!  Have you ever tried to eat with the giggles?  I can't.  Neither can Ganon.  So I have struggled to find that perfect balance between fun and too much fun.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this month is Ganon expressing his opinions on things (his face is so expressive!)  His favorite animals are lions, pandas, and birds.  His favorite shapes: circles and stars.  And of course, all children have favorite colors.  Ganon's are red and blue.

Those are the newest things this month, hopefully I'll have some tooth news next update!

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