Thursday, September 9, 2010


When Ganon went in for his first round of vaccinations, I dreaded every moment. 

I remembered screaming as a child whenever I saw the syringe... I had to have several nurses hold me down for each shot.  I had spent hours upon hours reading various ways to make the whole experience less traumatic for him, and myself as well.  The consensus seemed to be breastfeeding.  Sources varied as to whether nursing before, during, or after the vaccination was best, though. 

I decided to go with my gut, and postponed Ganon's late-morning meal until we had arrived at the vaccination clinic.  He nursed away on breast #1 while I listened to all the required information before the shots could be administered.  When he stopped to burp, we plopped him down on the exam table and the nurse, as quickly as she could, gave him two injections in one leg and one in the other.  He just kind of blinked in surprise as the first syringe pierced his skin, and cried loudly once the nurse pressed the plunger, and continued until the last needle had been removed.  Then his cries turned to fussing, and by the time I had sat back down to finish nursing, he was happy as a clam again!  A few hours later, the muscle soreness set in, so he spent the rest of the day on acetaminophen, but he was fine by morning.  A truly amazing child.

There are times, when I have been bragging about Ganon's greatness, that I fear I will give my childless friends unrealistic expectations for their future children.  But then I remember my overdeveloped sense of schadenfreude and smile.

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